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Most businesses struggle to satisfy their customers, and avoid losing them due to not providing an expected easy and functional experience of their services.

We help you build an efficient, streamlined and digital interaction, so nimble customers will love to use it, so powerful it will boost your bottom line

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Pre-Built Demos Collection

Appilo comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts.

App Landing 01 (Main demo)
App Landing Modern
App Landing 03
App Landing 07
Portfolio/Resume 2
Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing/Agency
IT Solution 2
IT Solution
Digital Agency
Startup Agency
SaaS Classic
SaaS Modern
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Pos Software
Seo Software
Home Live Chat
CRM Software
Web Application
Email Marketing
Cyber Security
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App Landing 05
Software Management
Social Media Marketing
HR Management
CR Management
SEO/Digital Marketing
Agency Landing 01
Portfolio/Resume 01
Product Landing 01
Cloud Hosting 1
Cloud Hosting 2
Cloud Hosting 3
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App Showcase Dark
Dark Version Demo
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Dark Version Demo
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Dark Version Demo
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Appilo Main RTL
RTL Version Demo
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RTL Version Demo
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RTL Version Demo
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Examples of Solutions

Some Hound Agents Deployed are Providing Huge Value

Accounts Receivable

Maximizing results in AR and collections

    • Activates when an account falls behind or at risk,
    • engages with the customer automatically to offer a "self-serve" experience to become current again.
    • Prediction of risky accounts will minimize delinquent costumers
    • Auto selection of the best possible workflow of interaction based on the individual history and characteristics
    • Will get a live agent involved when the process requires it,  and come back to the automated process afterwards.
    • Results: Maximize resources minimize risk and time,  more money collected sooner


Provide a self-serve experience where customers can easily consume your services

    • Activates upon a customer or agent requesting to launch an onboarding process
    • The customer will receive a request to engage,
    • Can engage via PC or mobile device
    • Will operate based on a safe an secure design
    • A personalized workflow could be assigned according to rules
    • Will ask the customer to fill the required forms 
    • May request to upload documentation,
    • May request to upload a picture or selfie from a mobile device
    • Will assign the case to an specialist with all collected information, only if required
    • Can interact with other systems
    • Can have rules to automate approval, image comparisons, decisions, and escalations (among other)

Logistics / Supply Chain management

Automate the interaction with all your supply chain links in order to have visibility, identify risks, and keep your team, partners and customers in the loop

    • Tracking shipments and detecting anomalies that could cause mid to severe risks and costs down the line
    • Detect all checkpoints where a shipment has to pass
    • Map the SKU's included in each shipment
    • Talk to external persons in charge  of each link in the chain to get information
    • Integrate with existing tracking systems
    • Populate an operational risk dashboard with predicted risks and costs
    • launch a mitigation course of action when an anomaly is detected, getting adequate stakeholders involved
Core Features

Discover How Your Business
Can Work Smarter!


Seamless setup & onboarding

    • Multiple pre-built experiences ready to go.
    • Painless, we build your own experience for you or with you
    • Fast, we use our low code / no code tool, to boost the process,  no coding involved.
    • Integrated with your ecosystem,  API standard, many pre-made integrations with most common platforms
    • Capable of being supported by your own dev ops/support partners, or we'll do it for you
    • Reliable, highly available design


Sidestep costs related to outlier events

    • Provide a smooth experience.
    • Automate as much as possible
    • Track and manage anomalies and exceptions with automated wisdom
    • Minimize human intervention but get a human in the loop when required seamlessly
    • In a few words:  accomplish more with fewer resources


Ongoing visibility, end to end activity

    • Always aware of what’s happening and how it is being handled
    • Track KPIs of processes and humans in the loop (the ones you defined)
    • End-to-end tracking of processes and resolutions including the intervention of users and customers 

Technology and flexibility are key to solving incidents

Solve critical incidents with automation without losing the human intervention when required. Lightweight and simple agent in terms of cost, setup and operation, yet extremely powerful in terms of results
Friendly with your current enviroment

Integrated with your current ecosystem

Not intended to replace anything but to coordinate stakeholders Hound connects via APIs to the most common platforms
CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc)
ERPs (Quickbooks, Sage, Oracle, Cin7,etc)
POS (shopify, etc)
API driven systems
Humans in the loop

Humans receive requests from the automated agent

Along the process there can be moments where human intervention is required by the automated system, for instance to make a decision or add some data. A user, a customer, a partner, they can all interact in the same way, no need for training.
The system will create a ticket and alert a team or an individual
A ticket can be claimed to be solved directly from the notification or by link to enter the ticket basket
Team members can see the backlog of tickets on an intuitive web system (the ticket basket)
A customer can answer in the same way, even have a ticket basket to know how is the case doing
Tickets will have an expiration date and have a flag that indicates criticality
Team manager can monitor tickets and teams, and reassign or escalate tickets

Know where every resolution or request is

You'll be able to track every individual task, issue or process.

Resolution time per type of incident or case
Each incident has it's own path and history, so it can be tracked end to end
Anomalies / risks involved
End to end visibility
What is Hound then?

an agent that solves requests and incidents by talking to all stakeholders, users, customers and systems. All this in the quickest, less expensive and, above all, less risky way




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Incident Resolution

Start solving your digital interaction now

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